We are a Swiss metalcore band. Since 2013, we are crafting our fast, technical and engaging music with passion. Influenced by bands like August Burns Red, Promethee or Veil of Maya, we like solid rhythmics, epic melodies and unconventional structures. We just released our new EP on May 7th 2017 in order to share our music with worldwide metalcore fans. Please check out our new music video for the song "My Legacy". Stay tuned here and on social medias for more news and cool stuff. If you want to support, have a look at our webshop!

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Lucas Sanchez

Random Name


Loves guitars and technical progressive death metal

Member since 2013

Loïc Dub

Random Name


Loves feuds, jägermeister and savage sex

Member since 2013

Nicolas Py

Random Name

Lead Vocalist

Loves beer and being grumpy

Member since 2013

Hugo Pérez



Loves rock&roll

Member since 2016

Jonas Babey



Loves blastbeats and pizzakebab

Member since 2015



Under the Sea (2017 - 5 tracks)

Recorded by Age of Collision @ Pygs

Mixed by Max Maly @ Sequence Sound Studio


The Pyramids (2015 - single)

Recorded by Nicolas Py @ Pygs

Mixed by Aurèle Louis @ Orpheo Studio


Demo (2014 - 5 tracks)

Recorded by Nicolas Py @ JD16

Mixed by Age of Collision @ Pygs



Date Event name Venue Along with


More to come soon!

Past dates

23.09.2018 Rudeboy // Bielsko Biala (PL) Cannibal Grandpa, Akshara
22.09.2018 Barrák // Ostrava (CZ) Cannibal Grandpa, Akshara
21.09.2018 Eastway // Vrsovka (CZ) Cannibal Grandpa, Akshara
19.09.2018 La Scène Michelet // Nantes (F) Cannibal Grandpa, Akshara
26.05.2018 Les Citrons Masqués // Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) Sertraline
21.04.2018 WOA Metal Battle Headbangersballbern // Bern (CH) God Dethroned, Angry Again, Eternal Delyria, Lotrify
07.04.2018 Panzer Storm Fest Alpha // Plzen (CZ) Peace is Just a Break and many more
06.04.2018 Swiss Metal Attack MC Fabrika // Budweis (CZ) Peace is Just a Break
05.04.2018 m13 Klub // Brno (CZ) Peace is Just a Break
04.04.2018 No Man's Land // Volmerange-Les-Mines (F) Peace is Just a Break, AM:PM
23.03.2018 La Bille // La Sarraz (CH) Facing the Enemy
17.02.2018 Nasty Bites Die Cafete // Bern (CH) With All One's Heart
03.02.2018 Les Prisons // Moudon (CH) Smash Hit Combo, Drifted Apart
01.10.2016 Coude dans ta Gueule 2 La Malscène // Tavannes (CH) Deus ex Machina
16.09.2016 Odyssey to Switzerland Espace Noir // St-Imier (CH) Atlantis Chronicles, Henriette B
22.01.2016 Pétrole Festival Hopp Scène BFM // Saignelégier (CH) Rhumpage, Pineapple Solution, Lafopaes
17.04.2015 CormoRock Festival Salle Polyvalente // Cormoret (CH) Promethee, Buried Side
10.04.2015 QKC // Neuchâtel (CH) Nevborn, Oregon Trail
28.02.2015 Espace Noir // St-Imier (CH) Groundead, Eleventh
12.02.2015 Entourloop // La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) Henriette B
14.11.2014 SAS // Delémont (CH) Henriette B, Voice of Ruin
19.07.2014 Pit bike run Bunker // Tavannes (CH) Pineapple Solution, Isoptera
28.05.2014 Glatz Music Bar // Tramelan (CH) Henriette B


For press, booking or just to leave your comment, feel free to write us

Cormoret (CH)

Email: info@ageofcollision.com